32900 Detroit Road | Avon, Ohio 44011


The staff is always great about contacting me by phone with any concerns that come up.

The staff does a great job with activities for the patients – Halloween parade, thanksgiving dinner, Easter dinner, summer barbecue, afternoon activities and the traveling zoo or bands (it is really hard to get my mom out anymore) It is really appreciated to know she is not just sitting in her room all the time!

She loves winning prizes at bingo!


I was so happy when an aid brought sponge clothes to my mom’s room and set her hair. That extra care was so appreciated.

I love the pics that Darleen has sent me of my mom. It makes me feel like I’m part of a family at Avon Place. Very comforting!

I am thankful for Sarah, she plays with molly, my mom’s dog, and is very observant of the residents. I’m thankful for Cortney and Kim who have helped me het through stages of dementia and supported me in the loss of my husband. Plus Cortney loves molly!


Darlene and Sarah do an excellent job of keeping the residents busy and entertained. They are also great caregivers. Betsey is by far the best caregiver at the facility and all the nurses do a fantastic job.

The custodial staff are friendly, wonderful and kind to the residents and visitors as well as helpful.


I can say nothing but good about Avon Place. From the administrator to the STNA's, my wife was cared for really well. Great nursing, great, STNA's, and the physical therapist did a fantastic job. No one really wants to go into a nursing home but my wife, Sharon, said she would not go to any place but [Avon Place] after her stay. The room was very large and clean. The food here is very good. Most of all, the attitude of everyone was really good. Avon Place makes you feel like you're really cared for.